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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#892: How To Be More Creative
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#892: How To Be More Creative

There are a lot of podcast, blogs, videos, books, and everything else out there; most of them aren’t worth the time or energy to be consumed. The reason? People are doing and saying what they see everyone else doing and saying. For the volume of people we have out there, creativity is proportionately low. Today I’ll share with you how to be more creative in any area of your life.

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2:49 Today’s Topic: How To Be MORE Creative

4:01 When people are creative we get new things and new ways of doing it

4:34 Point I: You gotta combine the unrelated together and see what you come out with as new

5:41 Being creative doesn’t mean you had to be this genius coming up with these brand new ideas

6:33 You don’t have to be this person smart person making up ideas from absolutely nothing

7:53 Point II: Look for bigger problems to solve

8:15 The bigger the problem, the more creative you gonna have to be

9:03 Point III: Do not worry about being “right” and don’t worry about your idea “working”

9:13 Being creative is not about everything turning out perfect, it’s not about you always producing results

9:36 Let your mind be FREE, and just see what comes out of it

10:18 Anyone can be creative if they allow themselves to step outside of the box!

12:53 When your mind gets condition to know that is alright to come up with weird, crazy and never will work ideas, your mind starts giving you more

13:56 Recap

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