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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#890: How To NOT Be A Commodity In Business & Life
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#890: How To NOT Be A Commodity In Business & Life

We’re all unique. Nobody wants to be treated like they’re the same as everyone else. Problem is, many of us fall by default into being exactly that: Carbon copies of everyone else. Today’s show is about making yourself unique and not being commoditized.

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3:00 Today’s Topic: How to not be a commodity in Life

7:37 Point I: You cannot just accept what is handed to you

9:25 You can choose what it is they give you

9:54 You can name your own price

9:59 You’re not just one of a million. People come and seek you out.

11:26 When you are not a commodity you are not afraid of losing opportunity.

13:00 Point II: Step outside of what’s accepted and represent something that isn’t yet known

13:42 There’s a leap between going from commodity to non-commodity. You gotta JUMP

15:44 Point III: You must be willing to turn down, reject or walk away from situations that’ll be presented to you as opportunities

18:47 You gotta be okay from walking away certain ‘opportunities’ that aren’t what you want

19:28 Recap

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