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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#889: How To Help People Become Self Sufficient
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#889: How To Help People Become Self Sufficient

Everyone could use some help now and then. Each of us should graduate, however, from needing a certain type or level of help to actually giving it. The ultimate level of help is teaching people to help themselves. Today’s show is about helping people become self-sufficient.

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2:55 Today’s Topic: How to help someone become self-sufficient

6:43 The greatest form of giving is anonymous to anonymous

07:42 Point I: Stop spoon feeding them all of the answers

10:22 You do not need permission to do the right thing, you just need the courage to do the right thing.

10:50 The worst type of individuals, the person who does exactly what they’re told and doesn’t do anything else. – Napoleon Hill

12:03 Don’t say anything

12:42 The more information they get to put out there, the less people believe that they need to actually think.

13:07 We can figure things out if we challenge ourselves to do so.

13:27 Point II: Challenge a persons result

18:55 Just do the mission. Give them the opportunity to be self sufficient enough to prove that they can do whatever it is you want them to do.

19:03 Point III: Get people power

20:10 Power means choice. It means options.

20:58 Recap

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