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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#888: How To Stay Positive, Even When Things Are Going Bad
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#888: How To Stay Positive, Even When Things Are Going Bad

In case you haven’t enough experience to know already, know this: Things won’t always go according to plan. Sometimes it’ll be the exact opposite of the success and winning you imagined. Today’s show tells you what to do not if, but when, that happens.

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2:55 Today’s topic: How to Stay positive even when everything is going left

4:00 Point I: One moment can change that whole situation.

8:53 You gotta stay disciplined. You gotta stay confident and mentally tough.

9:03 Point II: Be Proactive.

9:12 Take Initiative. Make things happen!

10:00 Choose between: Sit back and let things go or Get active get involve. You choose.

11:17 Point III: You gotta check your energy. Check yourself, what can I really do? If I bring energy to its highest point and focus it all on a single task?

12:51 It’s not just having energy but it’s directing and controlling that energy.

13:03 Figure out something you could do that would bring about change to whatever you’re dealing with.

14:52 Leadership is earned when everything is not working.

15:06 Recap

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