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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#884: Stop Lying To Yourself: You Have NO Talent
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#884: Stop Lying To Yourself: You Have NO Talent

Though some may take it this way, todays show is not made to discourage you. It’s made to help you pivot from where you shouldn’t be to where you should be. The first step while in that hole, as the saying goes, is to stop digging.

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2:56 Today’s Topic: You gotta stop lying to yourself when you know you have no talent

3:44 Talent played a role in my success

5:30 You gotta have certain raw materials if you’re gonna be successful in anything that you’re doing

5:34 Nobody’s gonna come from absolute zero and ‘make it’ in life

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7:28 Everyone has talent in something but we’re often not using that talent in the right thing

7:33 Point I: Are you struggling to be mediocre?

9:19 Don’t set your goals based on external factors

9:58 Maybe you want to replicate somebody else’s life even though it’s not a fit for you, where you’re at and who you are.

13:09 There are too many people who ‘believe’ that sports is the thing they’re supposed to do in life when they don’t have any talent for it.

13:52 Sports ain’t for everybody and everybody ain’t for it.

14:50 Point II: Success is much easier when you’re working from a position of power.

15:06 Talent is Power

15:47 Things will come to you a whole lot easier when you’re working from a position of power.

15:52 What are your talents? Write them down.

16:32 You gotta get out and get active and see. You gotta try and do different things!

16:56 Explore and see what’s possible

19:20 Point III: When you’re working on something from a position of no talent, you could do everything right and still fail.

19:56 Maybe you just don’t have much game as you think you do.

20:37 You can do everything right and still fail when you have no talent.

21:56 Important Point: You keep it real with yourself, be honest

22:54 Recap

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