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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#882: How To Plan For The Unpredictable
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#882: How To Plan For The Unpredictable

This is counterintuitive — if it’s unpredictable, how can you plan for it? Well, that’s why this podcast is one of a kind. Since things will almost always not go according to plan, you’ll learn today how to be ready for those unexpected alterations.

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2:53 Today’s Topic: How to plan for the unpredictable

3: 50 Things usually don’t go the way we want them to

4:54 Point I: Expect things to not go exactly as you thought they would go, is to expect things not to go exactly how they’re gonna go

5:29 Expect the unexpected

6:41 Point II: How to plan for the predictable – Keep your mind flexible and fluid

7:40 How ready are you to make change

7:45 Don’t marry one way of thinking, one way of being, or one way of doing

11:07 Point III: Keep your own plans whatever they are, flexible and adaptable.

11:48 You wanna have all this flexibility and fluidity factored into your plan

12:47 Everyone starts with a mission statement

13:27 Whatever means you need to use in order to accomplish this outcome you use them

16:55 Just because everything’s worked for you up into this point doesn’t necessarily mean that you should keep doing it.

17:05 Stay open minded

17:58 Recap

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