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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#880: How To Expand Your Imagination
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#880: How To Expand Your Imagination

Imagination comes from root word image — a picture in your mind. Our subconscious minds are 24/7 at work completing any pictures we have given it. The bigger, brighter and better you can make that picture, the better your life.

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3:02 Today’s Topic: How To Expand Your Imagination

3:27 New things come about because of the “Imaginators”

4:38 Point I: You gotta have vision

4:56 Vision is being able to see what does not currently exist and have some level of belief that it can be brought to fruition

5:50 Reality is negotiable, reality is relative

7:16 Point II: You gotta see beyond the present moment

9:51 You gotta give your brain some space to breathe in order to do this

11:34 The three principles in life is BE, DO, HAVE

12:26 Point III: Engage with the creativity of other people

14:24 Engage with people who are creating new things

15:33 Recap

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