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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#878: Key For Personal Branding: PERSONALITY
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#878: Key For Personal Branding: PERSONALITY

Building a personal brand is about more than well-edited images and high-view videos and company sponsorships. It’s about being someone who people feel a connection to, someone unique. Today I’ll explain exactly what that means and looks like.

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2:55 Today’s Topic: Key For Personal Branding: PERSONALITY

3:33 You can’t have a personal brand without personality

5:24 Point I: I built my brand around my personality

5:41 Anyone who doesn’t like your personality is not buying into your brand

9:06 Personality draws people to you

11:04: Point II: What are you actually good at?

13:06 You do not have to be a star or a celebrity or have a lot of followers in order to be successful in business

14:37 We need more substance then we need more stars

16:00 Recap

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