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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#876: Motivation Is ONLY For The Motivated
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#876: Motivation Is ONLY For The Motivated

Funny thing about motivation: The only people seeking it out already have a good amount of it to begin with. Those who have the least — and this most “need it,” never seek it in the first place. Today I’ll explain how and why that is.

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2:53 Today’s Topic: MOTIVATION

3:22 Motivation is only for motivated individuals

4:16 Point I: Idea of Velcro: There has to be something already in the location in order for anything brought into that location to stay there

4:47 People who don’t have any motivation within them there’s nothing in them that motivates them

5:09 You cannot create motivation or make a miracle in another person’s mind unless they are already bought into it

5:46 Point II: You found this podcast because you were looking for something

8:06 Point III: If a person doesn’t want something, you cannot make them want i

12:07 Point IV: You gotta have something to even be seeking it

14:09 Point V: Everybody is motivated for something on some level in life

16:21 Recap

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