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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#872: How To Accelerate Your Progress
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#872: How To Accelerate Your Progress

You have goals, and places you want to be in life. And, maybe your current pace isn’t quite fast enough to get you there. Today’s show will teach you how to make more progress, and how to make it faster than you’ve been making it.

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2:54 We’re experimenting on video!

3:56 Today’s Topic: How To Accelerate Your Progress

4:44 We’re all on the clock

5:30 Point I: Talk to someone who is exceptionally better than you

5:50 Ask questions and then shut up

7:21 Point II: You must 80/20 your efforts

8:33 Is this worth the effort and why?

9:38 Point III: Establish regular communication with someone who holds you accountable and questions you

12:08 Find a coach, find or start a mastermind, find an accountability partner – someone who does not need to be your friend

14:37 Recap

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