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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#863: How To Build — And Maintain — Your Network
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#863: How To Build — And Maintain — Your Network

Someone emailed me and said they’d love to sit down with me, as this person was aiming to build their network.

This is not a good reason for anyone to want to sit down with you. Nobody cares about your network except you.

Today show is about how to build your network — the right way.

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3:00 Today’s Topic: How To Build — And Maintain — Your Network

3:02 Go back and listen to some networking tips back in Episode #141 at

4:57 Point I: The best way to have a network in life, have people feeling as if they owe you something

5:29 Do something for another person that helps them provide some value to another person. Don’t tell them that

you want something in exchange.

5:55 If you just set out to do something for other people, give something of value to another person, they’re going to be thankful for that, they’re gonna remember you

6:32 They’re going to remember what you’ve done for them in the past, how you’ve given them value in the past, and that’s called reciprocity

7:43 All you gotta do is offer them exactly what they’re needing, exactly what they’re missing, and they will value you.

9:42 What if you give to somebody, and then when you ask them to do something for you, they don’t do it?

10:58 Point II: You got the law of reciprocity working for you. What do you do after that?

11:24 Find other ways to help people and understand that giving to people doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take your hard earned, tangible resources and give them away to other people.

11:57 Most often, the more you give of that, the more value you’re going to get back in exchange

15:33 Point III: The power of your network is not just how many names and numbers you have

15:49 The power of the network is not just in that you’ve given to so many people, but that they actually know who you are.

16:02 They have to know exactly who you are, so you got to stay in touch.

17:11 Recap

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