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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#862: If Everyone Agrees With You, You’re Not Doing Anything
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#862: If Everyone Agrees With You, You’re Not Doing Anything

The game-changing ideas — or the ones that became game-changing — usually by definition started off as not-accepted: If they were accepted, its introduction wouldn’t be game-changing.

Today’s show is about changing the game, which always requires going against the grain.

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2:54 Today’s Topic: If Everyone Agrees With You, You’re Not Doing Anything

3:50 If everybody’s agreeing with everything you’re doing, you’re probably not doing anything but just representing the status quo

4:03 Listen to Episode #401 to lear to how to disturb the status quo and get your way in life at

4:41 By being neutral, by default, you are losing

5:10 Point I: If all you are doing is based on what is already agreed upon, the world does not need your presence.

5:54 if everything you’re doing is based on what’s agreed upon me, how are you going to help us move forward? How are you going to help us do anything new? How are you going to help us create a breakthrough?

6:07 This podcast is for people who want to move things forward, who want to do something that does not already exist, who wants to break through the glass ceilings are the concrete ceilings or the imaginary ceilings and set new standards.

6:54 Point II: All human progress happens and will happen and has happened as a result of a person or people who disagreed with what already was or what already is or what already will be, and then after they disagree, they proved themselves correct

10:19 Emphasize that you got to prove yourself right when you disagree.

10:41 Once you prove yourself right, now it becomes an accepted idea. Now you become an icon. You become a legend. Now you become part of the status quo eventually.

18:02 Point III: What’s something that you believe that most people don’t believe?

20:14 If you’re going to be a person who makes progress happen in this world on any level, here’s where you need to supply an answer. What is something that you believe?

21:43 Recap

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