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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#859: Go Where You’re Adored, Not Where You’re Ignored
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#859: Go Where You’re Adored, Not Where You’re Ignored

Looking at a certain aspect of my business, I realized that the people who ended up buying usually made it perfectly clear from the first conversation that they were interested. Everyone else, who I’d been investing time into fruitlessly following up with, never turned into anything — even though they intimidated that they might.

This simple observation led to today’s topic, which is about focusing your energy where there’s already energy.

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2:33 Today’s Topic: Efficiency – Go Where You’re Adored, Not Where You’re Ignored

3:38 Point I: If you are not seeing any hints of success, it means you’re probably tring to fit in to something that is not working

5:15 If you get remanants of success, maybe it means you’re in the right place

8:54 Maybe you need to move on if you don’t see any hints of success

11:57 Point II: What are your natural inclinations and skills

12:50 Visit

13:00 Talent/Skill stack is taking different skills that you have, stacking them all together and then it becomes this unique combination that makes you valuable

16:41 Point III: In episode 51 honor what that brought you to where you are now Listen to it at

17:21 What has worked for you in the past and stopped doing it?

18:01 Dawnna St Louise shares an exercise to list down everything you have done

20:34 Getthe audiobook Ask Yourself a Better Question at

21:00 Recap

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