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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#853: Competition: You Gotta Be A DOG
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#853: Competition: You Gotta Be A DOG

Life is one big competition. Yes, there is abundance, and yes, everyone can “win” in their own way, but there are times when somebody’s gonna be #1 and no one else can be.

If you’re going to be that #1 guy/gal, you can’t be friendly and nice— the dog needs to come out. Today, learn what that means and how to do it.

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2:40 Today’s Topic: To the athletes –

3:47 These days, compared to the old times, analysts don’t like that players are very friendly with each other

4:53 Point I: To be a dog in a competition is like being a hungry dog given a bone

6:03 Your aim is that bone that dog was thrown

6:51 Point II: To be a DOG, you are more concerned with achievements rather than relationships

8:17 You are gonna be willing to do it

9:53 These days, we can build relationships with anyone, anywhere

12:57 If you are not putting 100% on achievement, your competition will beat you.

14:07 You need to turn the relationship button off to achieve

18:52 Point III: The further down the talent/opportunity totem pole you reside, the more this whole topic matters for your future prospects

21:37 Point IV: If you’re gonna have people around you, they better be DOGs just like you

22:27 A DOG is someone you’re willing to go to war next to you

23:37 You need DOGs around you so whenever you’re half assing, someone will let you know

24:51 There is no neutral in the universe

25:22 If people around you are not DOGs, you gotta be a leader and pull them up with you

26:27 Point V: A DOG does not care if he offends you with his words because he does not care if you like him

33:49 Michael Jordan made sure everyone in his team played at the level that he’s at

34:17 Recap

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