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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#847: How Important Is It For You To Be “Liked”?
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#847: How Important Is It For You To Be “Liked”?

We live in a culture of likes, following, friends and connection these aren’t bad things. However, we sometimes allow the ubiquity of socializing to cause us to try too hard to be accepted and agreed-with.

Today I’ll help you get over that.

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2:56 Today’s Topic: How Important Is It For You To Be “Liked”?

4:09 “I don’t have to get along” – Shaq on the feud in the LA Lakers & Kobe Bryant

5:49 We have been conditioned to want to be liked by millions of people because of the internet

6:43 Point I: People who have engineered the idea that we have to be “Liked” – it is their business, they get paid, it is their job to have people want to be liked

8:28 You don’t get paid directly when someone likes your post

9:05 The goal is to achieve. The goal is to get the goal.

9:20 Point II: when we don’t know what we really want in life, we default to wanting to be liked

11:12 You need to take a second look at what exactly you are going after

11:54 There is something that will go against the grain that will make you standout

14:39 Point III: Do not confuse truth with popularity

16:47 The word is now geared as to how accepted you are

18:22 Recap

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