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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#843: How To Start Living, Right NOW
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#843: How To Start Living, Right NOW

Who doesn’t want to get the most out of life? While no one has all the answers to exactly what that entails, there are some basic principles that apply to us all. Today we discuss how to start living.

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2:32 Today’s Topic: How To Start Living, Right NOW

2:50 Life ends for all of us at some point

3:36 Point I: Sacrifice all of your “sacred cows”

4:24 When a person survives a brush with death, they began focusing on what really matters in life

8:58 “Sacred cows” are things that you’ve been holding on to but are not really doing anything for you

5:48 Point II: You gotta wake up and get off the “familiar treadmill”

7:26 What one thing in life do you want to do that you have not yet done? What’s in the way of you doing it?

7:58 What’s really in the way?

9:07 Life can be broken down into very simple fundamental basics

10:56 Point III: Picture your funeral

14:12 Steve Jobs book about his life

15:06 What is your obituary going to say about you?

15:49 What are the important things you want to be said about you? How many things am I enacting and living out right now?

17:33 Recap

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