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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#842: Fast Opportunity: How To Take Advantage Quickly
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#842: Fast Opportunity: How To Take Advantage Quickly

Though opportunity is indeed all around us all the time, the windows for taking advantage do come and go quickly. Today, learn how to quickly take advantage of quickly-evaporating chances.

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2:15 Today’s Topic: Fast Opportunity: How To Take Advantage Quickly

5:03 Being prepared and being ready is important so when you get that opportunity, your game is on point that you can cease the opportunity

5:23 You might not even get that full shot at your opportunity

5:42 Point I: The shot that you get, may not be exactly what you expect it to be

6:26 Your game better be so on point that what little opportunity you get, you show that you are worthy and willing to take on more opportunity

12:07 You know Kobe Bryant’s name because he has the mindset of doing the best with the little opportunity he is given

14:55 DJ Kahled was given a shot glass of opportunity and he went and got the rest himself

15:01 Point II: In the professional ranks, people who make decisions know exactly what they want and exactly what they don’t want

15:41 Perish the habit of convincing, people will decide immediately and that is final

16:30 In professional ranks, they will not directly say NO but they will put you on the side

17:00 You gotta be so good at what you are doing and you gotta be so much better at putting yourself in front of the right people

20:00 Point III: Know what makes you valuable and put that on the front page of your presentation

22:35 Recap

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