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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#841: Let The Fools Talk While You Keep Working
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#841: Let The Fools Talk While You Keep Working

We live in voyeuristic world now, where we can watch and observe people, never do anything ourselves, and never feel bored while doing so. I don’t think you have that specific issue, but many do — and they’ll have a lot to say.

Today’s show is about maintaining your focus on what matters — your work — while the fools talk.

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[Transcript] #841: Let The Fools Talk While You Keep Working

Your day just became amazing because you are tuned into the show where you learn the discipline to show up day after day to do the work. The confidence to put yourself out there boldly and authentically and the mental toughness to continue showing up doing the work putting yourself out there even when the success you have expected to achieve has yet to be achieved. And on top of this give you a huge dose of personal necessary. That’s the go getter energy that allows you moves you to go make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. Putting artists together you get the mindset the method the podcast known as work on your game. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day.

Today’s topic is the let the fools talk while you keep working.

Whatever it is they’re talking about whether you’re talking about you. They’re talking about themselves. They’re talking about what they’re going to be what they’re going to achieve. They’re talking about something to happen on TV last night or whatever the trending meme is on social media.

You just let the force keep talking while you keep doing what you need to do. See the energy that we spend talking is energy that we could use to move us closer to our goals. Energy we spend talking or watching or thinking about what somebody else got going on or even what we think we should have going on. That’s energy mental energy that we could be using on actually getting ourselves to that place instead of just thinking and talking about their place especially energy that we waste. They can talk about somebody else because they’re not thinking talking about us so let’s get right into what I mean here today so you can understand his point number one.

When you’re doing the thing whatever that thing is when you’re doing it you’ll have to talk about it.

There was a movie called Hustle and flow where the actor I believe was Anthony Anderson a move. He was the actor and he was saying to one he was saying to his guy. He was working with he says you got two different types of people. You got the walkers and you got the talkers. See the people who talk. When his town the walk they just talking about what they want to do. But the people who walk when it’s hard to walk they’re walking now had to worry about talking because they always take an action. Basically he was saying action takers are the people who are taking action while the people who are just talking about taking action they just keep talking when it’s time to take action is still just talking when you’re really doing it. You had to say anything. I heard Derek Silvers say it tests are really popular it turns out that you can look this up more you. He said When people speak on their goals you actually talk outloud to someone about what your goals are. Use a little bit of motivation every time you speak on it because the human brain and this makes sense because I’ve said this before the human brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality. So when you speak on achieving a goal.

Your brain was doesn’t know that you’re just imagining it doesn’t know that you’re just talking about it. It makes a small imagination of you actually a team that has to create that image in its mark in your mind in order for you to actually speak about it. So when you do that it creates is a little bit of reality in your mind that it happened and you get a little bit of satisfaction was takes away a little bit of your motivation to actually go and do it. Now there’s a reverse effect where you could say Well putting that image in my mind could also be like creating a vision in my mind. Me going and doing it. I agree with that is just the image in your mind I don’t agree with the part about talking about it which means I do agree with Derek servers. There’s no reason for you to talk about her goals or tell anybody what your goals are unless that person is actively involved in helping you achieve the goal. There’s something I’ve said many times here. Anyone who is not actively involved in helping you achieve your goals has no need to know what your goals are. Doesn’t matter what they say doesn’t matter what justification they give. If they’re not helping you get there. They only didn’t know anything about it. They can help you do a little part of your goals and tell you about the little part and they can help you with. They don’t need to know anything else. Don’t waste your time or your energy or your oxygen telling somebody about something that they’re not gonna do anything to help you actually get.

That’s why I tell you don’t share those goals keeping to yourself every time you speak. You’re taking a little bit of air out of that balloon.

Point number two. Today’s topic is let the full stop by you keep working. See this is a principle of delay gratification. Because if you think about it when people talk about the things that they’re going to do they talk about what they’re going to achieve they announced their goals they announce where they’re going to go and all these things that all these things that people talk about.

Mean you have social media you hear people talking about stuff all damn day right. Most of the times on my things that haven’t happened things that they have not yet done. And at times he is talking about other people what somebody else has made happen or what somebody else is doing or what somebody else is talking about doing. I understand it the skill the way gratification is a skill to be able to accept delay gratification rather is a skill because the world that we’re in now is training us. We are being conditioned every single day to want things more and more immediately when we send somebody a d n and they don’t respond. We are like well why didn’t you write back. We send some money email we call somebody on the phone we send someone a text and they don’t respond fast enough. You What the hell is going on over staring at our phone waiting for this person to reply back to whatever it is. When somebody says they have something to announce we don’t we know wait till tomorrow go ahead and post it on Twitter or write it in the captaincy or Instagram post. Right now what it is is gone or we are not.

We are being de conditioned to accept the league gratification which means since everyone is gone in the direction of needing immediate gratification where’s the opportunity the opportunity is still with the person who can accept delay gratification that tells you the story about the kids with the marshmallows. A few weeks ago kids who were able to not eat the marshmallow were left alone with it knowing that they would get double the reward if they were able to delay gratification. They ended up being more successful in life in terms of their income and stated level of happiness. Self at level of happiness and the kids who could not delay gratification who needed the immediate gratification could not hold off on eating a marshmallow for five minutes. They ended up being in worse states in life even as adults because they had already trained themselves to need immediate gratification see is fun for us to talk about what we’re going to do or what we want to do or what we’re working on or how great we’re going to be.

Now I want to be clear when you’re selling yourself you may need to do a bit this. You may need a little bit of embellishing. You may need to do a little bit of puffery as they say in the sales world. You may need to pump yourself up a little bit and tell people about all the great things you’re going to do. Extrapolate from your previous accomplishments and say well listen if I was able to do that last year imagine what I’m going to be able to do next you need a little bit of that.

At that point the way gratification I’m talking about is your lack of a need to impress people by telling them how great you are or how great you will be it’s your ability to just say you know what.

Just watch me and you’ll see and see some I said tell me how great you are and you say well listen I could do this I could do that. Yeah you give everyone immediate gratification you immediately gratify yourself. You’re talking about all these things you could do or that you would do. You gratified the person who is asking the question Tell me how great you are and maybe nobody is asking but you just share it with the workers as you want to delay gratification is not going to say anything. I’m not gonna tell anyone what I’m going to do. I’m not gonna tell anybody about my plans I’m not going to announce my goals and it’s gonna take some time but I am going to get done. But I got to get done that way. Great that’s very hard. Think about it. Just think about you doing that yourself right now. It’s hard to do. Why. Because this arms race to do things quicker and faster than everybody else. So you can go in the opposite direction. This is really a mental discipline gratification is a mental discipline. Then you give yourself an opportunity for one reason one reason is that you will have very little competition. You’re going one way while everybody else is going the other way. Nobody’s even trying to beat you to the spot. Point number three. Today’s topic is that the full stop. Why you keep working when you had the right work ethic. The work ethic that will produce the results that you want and you’re working on the right things. Things that will actually get you to your goal within your stated time frame. Results will follow is as simple as that.

When you have the right work ethic and you’re working on the right things results will follow. It’s a guarantee then at that point once you get those results those other people who’ve been talking while you’ve been doing work they’ll still be the ones often those they’ll be the ones going back and forth.

But now instead of talking about him and her and themselves they be talking about you because now you’re the one doing stuff. You’re the one to be discussed. You are the subject of the conversation and you still at that point will have the same thing. Now you got all these other people talking for you now. Feels good when you got a whole bunch of people talking you up and talking for you and maybe sharing your stuff and telling friends and retweeting and liking or whatever it is that they could do to make you feel good it gives you a little dopamine boost and boost your ego. It is much harder and it requires much more mental toughness much more discipline to stay quiet and not say anything to pump yourself up when nobody else is talking about you either. We are in a situation where you’re kind of like a you’re a nobody pretty much nobody’s talking about you. Nobody’s checking for you nobody’s anticipating your success. And at the same time you’re not talking about you. You’re not talking yourself up you’re not getting everybody excited or trying to get people’s attention. Talking about what your future success is going to be as far as the moment GOES RIGHT NOW YOUR NAME IS isn’t even around you are irrelevant at this point. Are you mentally tough enough to deal with that for an extended period of time while you do the work necessary to put you in a position to be discussed. And this could take some time. May I say Tom I’m not talking about a couple of weeks or a couple hours it could take a couple years. Maybe a couple of years from now before anybody is saying your name or talking about you are hyping you up. Are you willing to wait for that delay gratification.

Are you going to keep doing the work even when the success you have expected to achieve has yet to be achieved. Are you mentally tough enough to do that. Are you disciplined enough to keep doing that work every single day. Even when you don’t really feel like.

And while it sounds easy it is easy to say it’s fun to listen to. It’s enjoyable to talk about.

Are you willing to actually do it. And if you say yes you know the first thing anybody’s going to look at to indicate your future performance and look to your past performance have you been doing that up to this point. Have you shown an ability to accept delay gratification up to this point. The answer is yes and no. I may believe you a little bit but the answer is no that doesn’t mean you can’t do it it means you got to look in the mirror and make some decisions right now.

Look in the mirror and make some decisions about what you’re going to do differently how you’re going to approach your work differently how you can accept delay gratification understanding in it it sounds a whole lot easier to actually years just noted I’m giving you this disclaimer right now before you start let’s recap today’s topic let the fools talk while you keep working number one when you’re doing it or you know you’re going to be doing it you don’t have to talk about it because we lose a little bit of motivation every time we talk about our goal as if it’s already been achieved we’re talking about someone else is it to get their approval rather we lose a little bit of that motivation because now we’ve gotten a little bit of a satisfaction that we would get how we actually achieved that we want to we want to starve ourselves that our satisfaction until we have actually achieved it for real actually in the flesh achieve that outcome. Number two there’s a principle of the way gratification This is mental toughness is discipline people and it’s fun to talk about what we’re going to do or who we going to be or what we’re going to achieve in the future because we get a little bit of that we get a little bit of immediate gratification from it whether that be from ourselves or from impressing other people with our top so how disciplined can you be mentally how much delay gratification can you deal with not needing to impress anyone including yourself by telling them what you’re going to do but just actually doing it with sees a whole lot longer to do stuff than it takes to say stuff and number three when you have the right work ethic and you’re working on the right things the results are guaranteed to follow and at that point now everybody’s still going to be talking to them and I say everybody me everyone other than you people still going to be talking and now instead of talking about other people they’re going to be talking about you and at this point you still had to say anything because now they’re saying before you work on your game Dre All Day that car.

2:18 Today’s Topic: Let The Fools Talk While You Keep Working

2:40 The energy we spend talking, watching, or thinking about what others got going on is mental energy we can use to get to that place

3:07 Point I: When you’re doing the thing, you don’t have to talk about it

3:45 According to Derek Sivers TED Talk, when people speak on their goals, they lose a little bit of motivation each time

5:02 Anyone who is not actively involved in achieving your goal doesn’t need to know what they are

5:32 Point II: The Principle of delayed gratification

7:18 The kids who could not hold of eating the marshmallow ended up being in worst states in life

8:33 Delayed gratification is waiting for things to get done before telling someone

10:50 Point III: When you have the right work ethic, and you’re working on the right things, results will follow – guaranteed

13:05 Are you mentally tough to do it?

13:42 Look in the mirror and make some decision about how you’re gonna do your work differently, how you can accept delayed gratification

13:58 Recap

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