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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#839: Your Job: About More Than Just You
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#839: Your Job: About More Than Just You

A team is a group of people come together for a common goal. If you’re part of one, then, you can look at the functions of the team and plainly see how the actions of one person affects everyone else. That’s the design of a team.

For the areas of your life in which you’re not on a team though, someone is still affected. Whether that be your family, customers, investors, or community members. No one works on an island. Think about this next time you’re at work.

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2:15 Today’s Topic: Your Job: About More Than Just You

2:29 This episode is made with athletes in mind but runs parallel to other industries as well

4:08 Point I: The way you do your job affects not only you, but the people around you

6:04 Your teammates, boss, coaches are affected by your performance

6:20 Point II: If you are a professional at what you do, you may be affecting other people’s livelihoods

8:29 Job security is no longer real, anyone can get fired anytime

13:16 Point III: A team player means you thinking about what you do affects the status of your team mates, your co-workers, coaches, supervisors, and people who are observing.

14:59 If you are a true professional, this will matter to you.

16:22 If you do a job that is in the public eye, you have no idea who is paying attention

19:46 There are people paying attention to you and you don’t even know they exist

20:27 Every time you go out and do work, you get exposure

22:32 Are you consistent? Are you good at what you do?

22:46 Recap

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