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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#838: You Gotta Put Your Own Work In
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#838: You Gotta Put Your Own Work In

Competitors will always want to be the best at what they do. I would expect you to see yourself that way. Once you make the claim, though, make sure to keep yourself in the vanguard, out there representing it. Violate that rule, and you no longer qualify.

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2:12 Today’s Topic: You Gotta Put Your Own Work In

4:23 Point I: Number one rule is you gotta respect the game

6:15 Make sure you earn the position or title where you already are

6:40 Dre’s experiences about earning the position

11:56 Point II: If and when you are placed in a position that you didn’t earn, you gotta earn that position

15:56 A title can be given to you, a role is something that is gotta be earned

18:21 Point III: Win or lose, in any arena, you are expected to fight your own battles

20:05 You gotta fight your own battles

21:33 You cant hide behind anybody once you get in the game

23:07 If you’re gonna get in the game play the game

23:39 Recap

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