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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#835: Your Price Is Too Low
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#835: Your Price Is Too Low

We just talked a few weeks ago about how I’m supposed to Earth and Freelancers can raise their prices. Today’s episode is not about that type of price, but about the price tag you place on yourself. We know what price you place on yourself, by the type of Investments you make in you, and the type of standards you have about you and about whomever and whatever you keep in your environment.

Listen closely today.

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2:17 Today’s Topic: Your Price Is Too Low

2:23 Listen to the

2:39 In life, you haven’t gotten what you wanted because it costs more than you have

3:25 When we place a higher value for ourselves, everything else goes up with it

4:03 Point I: If you invest more in yourself, your value and returns will be higher

4:11 What are the 5 forms of investment at

6:35 The more you invest in yourself your value goes up, you can demand for more, and you will get more

7:12 Point II: Its not about how much you are charging, it is about how you value yourself

7:19 Read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

7:58 The basic premise of the book is in the psychology of money

10:03 How many times in your life have you looked at something you wanted but you did not have the proper resources to attain it? What did you do?

11:48 What can I do to make this situation work in my favor?

12:14 Being rich or poor is a result of your mindset

15:39 Point III: The higher you value you, the more you will demand for and of yourself

17:13 High value persons look for other high value individuals

17:58 The energy you put out is the energy that will come back to you

19:51 I’m a high value individual, everything around me has to be high value

20:26 Recap

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