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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#831: Discipline Does NOT Mean Perfection
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#831: Discipline Does NOT Mean Perfection

People seem to think that being “disciplined” means always doing things perfectly. Always getting up at the same time. Never eating the wrong food. Always going to the gym, finishing the project, never making a mistake.


In today’s episode, I will share with you how you can be a very disciplined individual, while still having some margin for “error.”

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2:24 Today’s Topic: Discipline Does NOT Mean Perfection

2:33 Discipline is the choice to do that work, to stick to your plan

2:54 You do not have to be perfect to be disciplined

3:30 Two main things people are having problem with in terms of discipline – working out and nutrition

5:04 If you’re not disciplines in everything, that’s okay

5:27 Point I: When you choose to be disciplined about something there is usually something you wish to achieve

5:48 Our outcomes are based on improvements and results

7:48 This is about slow and steady progress

8:45 Point II: Double down on the things that you are actually good at to make up for the things you are not very good at

9:08 We are not able to exercise willpower all the time

10:56 This is a way to cancel out your imperfections

11:44 Accentuate the positives and ignore your negatives

15:51 Point III: Be honest with yourself

16:11 What can you really do to make the improvement that you need to make, can you stick to it, and are you willing to do it?

18:53 Choose things you are willing to stick to

19:05 Recap

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