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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#830: What I Wish I’d Known As An Athlete
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#830: What I Wish I’d Known As An Athlete

Today’s Show is for the myriad athletes who listen to this podcast. While I don’t play professional sports anymore, I want to share some game that I’ve learned with the up-and-coming and current athletes who will use it.

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2:12 Today’s Topic: What I Wish I’d Known As An Athlete

2:31 Listen to My Biggest Mistake as a Basketball Player at

3:17 Point I: Practicing hard everyday

4:12 The harder you practice, the easier the games are

6:45 You need to earn playing time by going hard everyday

7:08 Discipline is a choice

7:20 Point II: Taking care of my body

8:28 Athletes eventually find themselves out of the game because they can’t perform at the level they used to perform at

9:59 The episode Choices Now, Results Later applies to taking care of your body listen to it at

12:06 Had Dre known the proper way of taking care of his body in college, he could have extended his career and set aside other opportunities

14:42 Point III: Being a leader in a team

15:05 Being a leader means showing up everyday and bringing it

15:51 When you are being an example, the people who matter will see it and will make you a leader by default

17:21 Recap

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