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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#829: How To Make Your Name or Brand Stand Out, Guaranteed
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#829: How To Make Your Name or Brand Stand Out, Guaranteed

Differentiation is the name of the game when it comes to building a brand. If people cannot understand what makes you different from the next person and the next 10 people next to them, you have no brand, and usually that equates to no customers and no money. I know you don’t want that.

Today’s episode is about making yourself stand out as a brand.

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2:39 Today’s Topic: How To Make Your Name or Brand Stand Out, Guaranteed

3:09 Listen to yesterday’s episode at to get the full context

4:21 Your brand is what people say about you, how people feel about you, what the word is on you out there

4:31 Point I: You must say or do something that no one else can

4:53 You must draw from your experiences and your achievements, not just your knowledge

5:35 Drawing on your knowledge is putting you up in competition with other people drawing on their knowledge

5:57 Experiences and achievements are proprietary

6:51 What matters is if I stand out or not

7:16 To get someone in the room, you need to stand out

10:06 When you separate yourself from everybody else by laying out your achievements and experiences you are making yourself credible and you are somebody to pay attention to

12:45 You are gonna exclude some things that are true in order to get to the differentiating point that matters

14:31 Point II: How do you get experiences and achievements – DO SOMETHING

15:58 You do not have an excuse not to have experiences

16:36 Get active and experiences to draw from which other people want

17:16 What about you makes me want to talk about with somebody else when you’re not around?

19:51 Point III: Go start helping people

21:09 If you want to do something there are very few barriers to get started

222:43 Everything you want to do in life, start doing it right

22:55 Point IV: As you do this enough, your voice will standout and become someone to seek out

26:23 You gotta be out there

27:29 There is nothing in this episode saying that you have to be better than other people

28:05 Recap

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