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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#826: Getting And Staying In “Game Shape”
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#826: Getting And Staying In “Game Shape”

I thought I was in game shape when I arrived in Montenegro But my coach thought different. And when i played in a game, I realized why he had thought different good thing I listened to him. From then on, I was never not in game shape.

Today’s show is not about physical fitness, though it can be. It’s about getting ready and staying ready for the job you’re in. And ready to do it as best it can be done.

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2:22 Today’s Topic: Getting And Staying In “Game Shape”

3:10 Be ready to do what you need to do, when it needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and at the level that is expected of you

3:26 Point I: Being in “Game Shape” is being 100% fully ready to perform both mentally and physically as a way of being

5:41 Being in game shape is not something you get into

7:31 It is not just about physical fitness, but about whatever skill it is you bring to the table

7:46 Point II: How do you actually get in game shape?

8:20 1 – You need to know the game you’re in

10:10 It is hard to get in game shape, but it is not impossible

10:45 2 – Know what is expected of you

11:30 3 – You gotta prepare to go above and beyond the baseline expectations

15:05 Hold yourself personally accountable

17:32 Point III: Some professions demand that you arrive in game shape

18:00 In episode #721, Latoya talks about her first job after college where the company taught her as if she knew nothing

19:27 Don’t show up at the job expecting they will teach you or help you out

21:12 If you show up not in game shape, you will be sent home

22:23 Recap

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