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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#824: Understanding Power: When You Have It & When You Don’t
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#824: Understanding Power: When You Have It & When You Don’t

Often people who are in subordinate positions complain that they aren’t being “respected” enough or treated as if they held a higher position.Today’s how is one of those hard-but-needed conversations for anyone who has been, is or will be in such a position. The idea is base din something i saw happening in sports, but everyone will use what I share today, so listen well.

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2:19 Today’s Topic: Understanding Power: When You Have It & When You Don’t

2:39 Power is the ability to do something or act in a particular way

5:42 Point I: Keep the definition of power in your mind. You should have a very good idea of what your coach’s/boss’/parent’s powers are in relation to you.

7:25 Point II: Understand that you are on the team or have the job because you have game

7:49 Game means an ability to do something well, and it is what gets you inside

8:14 Game is not the same as power

9:09 When you have game but you keep having issues with the person in authority you may lose your opportunity to show your game

11:23 Point III: People turn into entrepreneurs or youtubers because they have game and they want to have the power at the same time

12:36 Point IV: In life, when you don’t have 100% power, you should be wise enough or disciplined enough to adjust your pride levels accordingly

15:15 Point V: You don’t have to agree to anything said in this episode, just understand that in that case you might be out of the job or off the team

16:35 Recap

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