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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#821: How To Stay Curious About Life
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#821: How To Stay Curious About Life

There’s always more to know, more to learn and more to do in life, and no one ever knows everything. Those who think they do will find themselves surpassed over time, as their hardness knowledge become obsolete. Today, learn how to stay curious and open to learning, no matter how much you know (or think you know).

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2:13 Today’s Topic: How To Stay Curious About Life

2:54 Children ask on average 127 questions per day, an adult asks an average of 6 questions per day

4:32 Point I: You must stop being afraid to ask for what you want or ask why you don’t have what you want

9:09 See the possibilities asking opens in your life

10:48 Listen to

11:03 Point II: Do not assume that you know everything

11:23 Listen to Episode# 721: Academic Life, Professorship, Depression & Mental Health with Latoya Baldwin Clark

12:47 Don’t become the person who knows so much that nobody can tell you anything that you are no longer curious to learn new things

15:45 Point III: Curious means a strong desire to know or learn something

16:14 If you do not have everything in life, there are some things that you don’t know

16:53 Everybody is a work in progress in life

17:45 Recap

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