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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#820: Be Greedy In Going After Your Goals
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#820: Be Greedy In Going After Your Goals

Greed is often frowned upon, as of wanting more of yourself is some type of mistake of character default. Well, for most people it is! They don’t know what I’m going to share with you today. But you will know. Which makes you responsible for it.

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2:13 Today’s Topic: How to Be Greedy In Going After Your Goals

2:50 Point I: Make your goals bigger and commit yourself to more action

3:09 You can go bigger than whatever you are planning right now

4:10 Nothing matters until you actually take action

7:21 To become really good at what you are doing, you got to commit to some actions.

10:47 Point II: Complacency is the feeling of critical satisfaction in one’s own achievements

13:03 You can escape complacency by setting big goals and setting milestones

14:30 Push everything that you do to completion

17:24 Point III: Greedy is having or showing an intense or selfish desire for something

20:27 Success is selfish, achievement is selfish

21:02 Intense means of extreme force, degree, or strength

21:57 Recap

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