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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#819: Be Willing To Go The Furthest
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#819: Be Willing To Go The Furthest

Life is a game of attrition. The people who are the most aggressive and persistent and most confident in themselves and what they’re offering are the people who advance the furthest and last the longest. Today’s show, then, is about being the one who wins by simply being willing to outlast, out-effort and out-believe the competition.

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2:11 Today’s Topic: Be Willing To Go The Furthest

3:04 Point I: He who is willing to go the furthest, is usually he who gets his way

4:14 Whatever you are responsible for, make sure you deliver on that responsibility

7:49 Point II: Winning is a habit

8:43 If you’re in a competitive field, you might have to outdo somebody in order to get ahead

9:29 The object of the game is to win

11:09 Listen to all the previous podcast episodes aT

12:21 It is not about doing your thing, it is about doing whatever is required for you to win

14:15 Point III: If I’m on one treadmill, you’re on the other treadmill, and we start running; Either you are gonna get off the treadmill first, or I’m gonna die on that treadmill. -Paraphrased from a Will Smith motivational speech

18:34 Recap

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