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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#818: If You Don’t Do It, It’s Not Happening
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#818: If You Don’t Do It, It’s Not Happening

You’re more alone on this world then you think you are, Today I will explain why, and why that shouldn’t scare you but empower you to make more happen, knowing you’re the one who has to do so. It’s all on you. Be happy that it is.

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2:10 Today’s Topic: If You Don’t Do It, It’s Not Happening

3:23 You’re not gonna have as much help as you thought you will have

4:01 Point I: Why do you work on your game?

4:43 The purpose of working on your game is to prepare yourself what you need to do to get to where you need to go

5:09 Point II: This is all about ownership – owning what you’re doing, owning who you are, owning your goals

5:49 When you own something, you take care of it.

10:35 You will get your hands dirty and do things yourself if and when nobody else will do it

13:36 Point III: You must STOP looking around for the rewards or whatever you are expecting the world to give you, and decide that you are going to make yourself hot

16:11 What am I gonna do to make things happen?

18:06 Recap

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