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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#809: Why Your Cold Emails & DMs Suck
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#809: Why Your Cold Emails & DMs Suck

I send a lot of cold correspondence; I receive a lot of it too. I know one reason why many of my own cold messages (some of them well-constructed, in my opinion) go unanswered: Most of the cold messages people send simply suck. So people get conditioned to ignore all of them.

In Other words, your weak shit is costing me business. So I’m gonna help you out today, and raise the tide for everyone.

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2:20 Today’s Topic: Why Your Cold Emails & DMs Suck

3:59 A cold message is if you do not personally know the person you are sending a message to and they do not know you

4:54 Point I: If it is not personal, it is not good

7:13 If you want people to respond, say something to or about them that lets them know that you are talking to or about them

7:49 Point II: Your message is irrelevant

8:25 The question you need to answer for the person you are reaching out to is “Why do I care about this? Not why you care.

8:40 It is as much about the topic as well as about the timing

12:20 Point III: You are not respecting other people’s time

13:57 When you are doing cold emails, people do not care about you

14:20 When you start speaking other people’s language you’ll be shocked at how much more response and cooperation you get from people

14:45 Point IV: You do not follow up

15:37 Be creative but make sure you follow up on your message

16:27 Never try something one time and leave it at that

17:05 Recap

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