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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#807: Getting Over Complacency Plateaus
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#807: Getting Over Complacency Plateaus

Yesterday’s show talked about always getting better — which means you’ll be fighting past the complacency I’ll show you how to get over today.

Today’s show is brought to you by The Mental Workbook. Learn more at

2:09 Today’s Topic: Getting Over Complacency Plateaus

2:20 Complacency is the feeling of getting to a certain level in life and being okay with it

4:24 Whatever you achieve do not be satisfied so you wont lose your drive

4:41 Point I: Stop looking down and stop looking back

5:59 In the mental workbook, Dre shows when it is okay to look back at your achievements. Get is at

6:32 Point II: Do we always have to look forward and up? Yes.

7:25 Until you have gotten where you want to be, why would you get complacent?

9:47 We do not know how much time we have

11:42 Point III: You must create ongoing goals for yourself, smaller goals that connect to a bigger goal

15:18 Recap

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