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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#804: How To Shut Off The Outside “Noise”
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#804: How To Shut Off The Outside “Noise”

Every human is entitled to an opinion; social media has allowed all of us to not only have, but express and modify those opinions. There’ a lot of talking coming from a lot of people. Can we get some peace and quiet? Would you benefit from it?

Good. Today I’ll tell you how to get it and keep it.

Today’s show is brought to you by The Mental Workbook. Learn more at

2:16 Today’s Topic: How To Shut Off The Outside “Noise”

2:23 This episode is inspired by the book The Tao of Wu written by RZA

3:43 There is always something for us to look outward to

4:01 We do our best work and we are our best selves when we are looking inward instead of outward

4:22 Point I: Scheduling quiet time

5:07 Use a meditation app like Calm or Headspace

6:11 Point II: Go where there is some nature

7:37 It grounds you and puts you in touch towards what is natural

10:51 Point III: Learn to go inward

11:06 More on going inward in the Mental Workbook at

11:56 Learn to go inward because there are messages your subconscious wants to give you but your conscious mind never shuts up

12:57 Recap

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