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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#803: Helplessness Is Not A Strategy
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#803: Helplessness Is Not A Strategy

Young athletes have been coming to me for help for years, many times claiming that they’re at end of their rope. They don’t have the facilities or the money or the talent or the ideas that some other players seem to have, They Don’t Know what else to do and are in the verge of quitting or they feel useless or helpless. Can I offer any advice?

Why yes — yes I can. That’s what I’ll share today.

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2:10 Today’s Topic: Helplessness Is Not A Strategy

2:56 Helplessness is not a strategy

4:32 Helplessness is the inability to defend oneself or to act effectively

5:08 Point I: There are times in life when people need help

6:22 Books and podcasts can’t help you think

7:56 You need the power of thought to filter out information and make it work for yourself

8:20 Point II: the more outside resources you feel like you need, the less power you have for yourself

11:54 Point III: Effective means a manner as to achieve a desired result

13:27 According to Napoleon Hill, most people meet with failure in life is that their lack of persistence and continuing to come up with a new strategy when things aren’t working out

14:23 Your persistence is directly related to your effectiveness

15:34 Recap

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