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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#802: How To Pay Less Attention To What Others Are Doing
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#802: How To Pay Less Attention To What Others Are Doing

The stuff I tell you on this podcast is the same information and advice I’d share with my own children. So the answer to the title of this episode could be “everything –” but today I am sharing a few specific pieces of game and knowledge my kids will get from me (in addition to making them listen to every episode of the WOYG Podcast).

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2:17 Today’s Topic: The Advice I Will Give To My Children

3:18 Yung people, whatever age you are, you are the future

4:20 Point I: Invest in Yourself

4:31 Listen to Episode #609 at

4:41 You can’t give something if you do not have something

5:25 If you are gonna be a person who is worth something, you gotta invest in yourself

6:12 You can make yourself so valuable that people end up giving you money

6:28 Point II: Develop direct communication skills with another person

7:28 It matters because fewer people are doing it and you learn a lot from it

8:33 85-90% of people’s communication are non-verbal

10:53 Point III: You must develop your own point of view

13:01 Point IV: You have to create more than you consume

14:54 The cumulative effect of your presence should make things better

15:11 Recap

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