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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#800: When You’re In The Presence Of Greatness
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#800: When You’re In The Presence Of Greatness

We all — at least listeners of this show — want to be surrounded by great people, and we want to be those great people ourselves for others. Today I share with you how to know when your’e in the presence of those great people — the ones you want to keep around. And you can use this to measure yourself and see how close to Great you are currently.

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2:18 Today’s Topic: How do you identify great people

3:10 What to do when your circle of 5 aren’t the type of people you want them to be and how to surround yourself with great people. Listen to episodes on this topic at

4:06 Point I: A great person will always make you feel that you can be great

7:08 People who are already great want more people to be great so they have more company

8:11 Point II: Being around people who are great will always bring your energy up

8:48 Listen to Episode #10 at

8:59 When you’re around a great person you feel inspired, motivated, feel more excited about your own life

9:47 They radiate the energy of inspiration, confidence, self-belief and it rubs off on others

13:17 Point III: Great people see possibility and opportunity in the things they look at

15:05 They are not looking at things with the lens of fear, anxiety, and pessimism

15:24 Point IV: Great people are creators, and not mere consumers

17:56 Point V: Great people ask – What can we do right now?

10:01 Recap

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