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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#797: How To Build Your Foundation’s “Nest,” One Step At A Time
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#797: How To Build Your Foundation’s “Nest,” One Step At A Time

You’ve seen birds nests. How They’re made of hundreds of sticks, leaves and whatever else. And birds don’t have hands. Google an up-close photo of a bird’s nest. If you think about it, that’s a lot of damn flying back and forth to make.

Today’s show is about building your own foundation the same way — not with sticks and flying into trees, but mentally. Listen up.

[Transcript] #797 How To Build Your Foundation “Nest,” One Step At A Time

You are tuned into the Greatest Show on Earth where you learn the discipline and show up day after day to do the work. The confidence to put yourself out there boldly and authentically and the mental toughness to continue showing up doing the work putting yourself out there even when the success you had expected has yet to occur. And on top of all this. Yes there is bonus. You get the personal necessities go get energy for you to go make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen putting all this together you get the mindset the method the podcast known as work on your game. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day Pettis off on a bet for being here today. Today’s topic. It’s how a bird builds its nest. Little by little the bird builds its ness. I believe there’s a saying that came out of a poem look like it came out of a book of poetry. But I was at an event and I just saw that come across the screen I immediately wrote it down as an idea something and I could talk about on this podcast and here we are talking about it once today’s podcast is about the slow and steady process and I talked about respecting and trusting the process and episode number 660 where I analogize the Philadelphia seventy six as five year plan to build a competitive basketball team which has finally come to fruition and it seems I give us a simple idea. But five years a very long time and not be competitive in order to finally be competitive and they are hopefully hopefully by the time he visits it is their NBA champions.

But even if they weren’t they at least made the playoffs and at least won their first round series as of the date on recording as they are still playing in the second round. Trusting the process is again Episode Six sixteen today is about the slow and steady process and about each step that you need to keep taking one step at a time one foot in front of the other in order to build that process. The way you bird builds its nest so just think about that. Even if you never did any studying of birds I haven’t either. If you have ever seen a video or a descent real I’ve seen a bird’s nest you see how it is put together. Obviously there’s a whole bunch of sticks it could be sticks that can be leaves. I don’t know what else would you even call it sort of brush that the birds go and gather it just go and gather all these sticks and leaves and they put all this stuff together and eventually it becomes this nest and inside that nest they can lay their eggs they can this is the place that they too they can look down and see everything is going on hopefully see any predators that may be coming before the predators come around a nest is built piece by piece one step at a time. That’s what it’s all in my head today. Point number one not every single move you make in your process is going to be a homerun.

For the sort of year 76 as for example they drafted Joel Embiid and that was a home run but he had to sit out his first two seasons once he was drafted two entire seasons he didn’t play because he had injuries and the team wanted to be super cautious with the guy then when he finally play he only play 31 out of 82 games 31 games in three years this guy played 10 games a year. Can you imagine being a professional basketball player and you play in 10 games all year for three years in a row. That’s what happened. Not every move is going to be a homerun. Sometimes you need to string together several singles in a row. This is baseball reference sometimes just gotta hit a single every day for several days in a row for several years in a row in order to build your nest to build your house and to build your career. Not everything has it just immediately pop off. Sometimes a PR person would say to me I haven’t heard this lately but I think people still have this challenge. Someone starts a YouTube channel for example and they put out their first five or 10 videos and they say Well nobody’s watching my videos I’m not getting any subscribers. I was going to add this person and they got more than 3 million subscribers this person getting 30000 views.

The first day when they put a video out what am I supposed to do. I’m not getting anything or I wrote some blog posts and nobody’s reading them why I posted some things on Twitter and is now getting retweeted. I did a couple of posts on Instagram. I’m not getting any likes everything is not going to be a home run everything is not going to end Russell Simmons said this on one of his books. Everything you star is not going to just pop off and all of a sudden just be a million dollar business and everybody’s jumping on and it becomes a new thing. Everything you do is not going to go viral. Okay. And I’ll tell you from experience I’ve been blogging since May of 2005. I mean YouTube Mrs April of 2006. I have never ever had any piece of content ever go viral. Nothing not a blog post not a podcast episode not a YouTube video not an email nothing I’ve ever created has ever gone viral but either masts over 40 million views of videos since that time I’ve posted over five thousand blog posts over six thousand videos you see the number at his podcast that’s an everyday podcast didn’t go viral but you know who I am. Do you not. How do you hear about me. Probably through somebody who knew or heard about me through somebody who heard about me through somebody is the singles is hitting singles every single day put out a new episode make sure is good.

Make sure people get it and do it again the next day. Then do it again the next day and do it again the next day. These are singles. People this is just me hitting singles was able to build something build something that mattered build something that has some significance build something that when people see it they like Damn how do you do that. Hitting singles every single day. You’re everything you do is not going to go viral most of the things you do are not going to go viral. You shouldn’t be comparing and when I say go viral. I don’t mean necessarily that it gets shared a whole bunch on social media when I say viral I’m using it metaphorically meaning just because you put out doesn’t mean it’s gonna blow up automatically and everybody’s like wow this is the thing that you hear about that do you see that. Did you read it was that. That’s not going to happen everybody. Most of the time is not going to happen to. It’s not going to happen to most people. Most of the time. Not every move is going to be a home run so if you hit the ball and it’s not a home run that doesn’t mean you put your head down and just go to the locker room and retire.

It means you run to first base because you might get yourself a single. You understand what I’m saying here. Using a baseball reference here. But I think everybody understands exactly what I’m saying. You’ve got to string together several singles in a row in order to build your nest your house your career and several could mean six thousand several could mean eight hundred plus several can mean three pick keep putting them together over and over and over again. Don’t expect a home run every time. Point number two and today’s topic is little by little was the way to bird builds a nest. You’ve got to protect what you’re building. When birds are building a nest usually as at least two birds usually are I guess as a male and a female bird who had made it there is usually at least two of them who are putting the nest together and you’ve got to protect what you’re building and when you’re protecting it means not only from the outside influences like a a squirrel or some strong winds or another bird coming to try and destroy your nest for whatever reasons it’s a hater bird trying to destroy your nest but you also got to protect what you’re building from the negative energies that may be coming from you. There may be some negative things on the outside.

I guess no one outside or is raining or this tree just isn’t strong enough. What about the chop the tree down so we can’t keep our nest here. Those are some things that you need to look out for. We also need to look out for some destruction coming from within your own negative energies that may be breaking down the foundation that you are trying to build. So yeah there are outside influences that could be bothering you. You know people come to me and they say Well Dre know what you talk about having positive people around you what if the negative people in your family or it. That’s your job or you’re on your team. What are you supposed to do then. Well if you’re inside if you’re inside influences is strong enough it will cancel out whatever’s going on in the outside. And this is something I talk about in a webinar. I got a free webinar out call bad mistakes bad mental mistakes that people make and how to eliminate those bad mistakes and you can watch that webinar for free at Dre All Day. It’s not Dre day work on your game you dot com slash bad. Good work on your game you slice bad. Good. That is the webinar to eliminate the bad mental errors the good people make. If our memory are going to show notes but if it doesn’t.

Just remember that I said it now. Point number two here protecting what’s your building. Again it could be coming from the outside.

You’ve got to pay a whole lot of attention was coming from the inside. Are you allowing the fact that these negative influences are around you. Are you allowing that to poison your mind so much that that’s the dominant thought. Oh what about these people. I’ve got this or I don’t have as good a situation as this person over here what does my situation had to be so bad. Those thoughts right there are part of the problem. See if you’re even getting to the point where you’re saying well I want to have positive people around me but I got negative people around me at that point. You need to halt those thoughts. You need to go in a different direction need to stop turn around and get on the other turning on the other way because you’re already thinking about why this is getting in the way why this is slowing me down why this could be a problem that’s as soon as you recognize that that’s when you need to realize what you’re doing is not what they’re doing is what you’re doing you’re even thinking about it it’s a point that you’re voicing it mentally or voicing it verbally that’s when you get into the danger zone Stop. Get off the train get on the train the side of the platform.

Point number three.

Today’s topic is a little by little the bird builds its ness. What you are building.

That nest that you’re building right now.

Every step that you take every day that you show up and go to work every time you turn a camera and record a video every time that Mike lights up and you start recording your your audio every time you start to happen on that computer and writing your next blog post the next chapter in your book what you are building is what your kids may be raising and your kids my head to be raised in this nest that you’re building right and their kids might also live in business.

You need to build that nest like you know the situation is the situation and put care into your work.

When you see birds building a nests I’m sure there are videos on YouTube to show birds building a nest. There was a a drive. It was like a livestream. I think it was somewhere in Washington D.C. There were these eagles who had a nest that was near some building and somehow they put a camera. I guess the camera was attached to a building and the nest was up in the tree it was next to this building. So they had this livestream of the Eagle’s Nest. So all you could sit there for 24 hours a day and is watch these eagles in the nest and they have eggs there ahead. And eventually they had baby eagles whatever you call baby eagles and then one would go out and find food and come back and they’re raising their kids right there and that nests of the Eagles had to be smart in building that nest understanding is not just for me.

My kids got to be raised in business. My kids going to have to live in business and that business is not strong it is not well built if I don’t take care and in on building this whoever comes after me is going to have a rougher time because of my lack of commitment and doing this the right way is the same thing for you every single step every time you show up to work every time you create something new every person you’re interacting with every time you sell your product every prospect you have a conversation with you are building your nest. Is that going to make the nest stronger. Is it going to make the nest weaker because winds will come wintertime. Will follows once a time will fall fall as fall follows Summer and Summer is following spring. There will be rain. There may be predators. There may be other birds that want to steal your nest. May be stupid kids throwing rocks at your nest trying to knock it down just because it’s an interesting thing to do. Are you building net nest strong enough to deal with whatever is coming forward. So it is showing up not only for you to deal with it before whoever comes after you to deal with it. What if something happens to you. Next time you go out and try to find food you get hit by a car or some hunters shoot you down. What are you going to do. There was nothing you could do but what’s going to happen what’s going to become of that nest was a nest built strongly enough that everybody you’ll be all right even when you’re no longer around. Put care into your work is what I’m saying here. Let’s recap today’s topic which is little by little is how the bird builds and that’s number one.

Not every move you making life is going to be a homerun sometimes in life you need to hit a single. Sometimes you need to get walked. Sometimes you may need to steal a base but not everything is going to be a homerun. Sometimes you strike out but not everything is going to be just this grand slam the whole stadium is going wild. You got to go one step at a time string together victories small victories in a row in order to build your nest to build your house and to build your career. Number two you’ve got to protect what you’re building when you’re building a nest. It’s not just the outside influences like predators and squirrels and someone chopping down a tree or rain or wind or snow or hail but you also gotta check your own negative energies as they may be exactly what is breaking down a foundation that you’re trying to build you. Not them but you. And point number three what you are building as you’re building that nest this is what’s your kids going to be raising. They got to live in it and if something happens to you it needs to be strong enough that it will stand even without your influence. You need to build your nest as if you notice the situation. Do your work as if there was a camera on you and you’re not going to be around to talk to your kids and all they get to do is watch the video of you working. And that’s going to be their example what they need to do in their lives that will make them better. Or is it gonna make them worse.

Put care and see your work work on your game. Dre All Day Scott.

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2:21 Today’s Topic: How To Build Your Foundation’s “Nest,” One Step At A Time

2:40 This episode is about the slow and steady process as discussed in Episode #616 Respect & Trust The Process.

4:06 Point I: Not every move you make in your process will be a homerun.

5:35 As Russel Simmons says, everything you start is not just gonna pop up .

546 Dre started blogging May 2006 and Youtubing April 2006. Never has he had any piece of content go viral but amassed 40 million views and a loyal following.

6:25 Hit singles everyday to build something that has some significance.

7:25 You gotta string together several singles in a row to be able to build your nest.

7:70 Point II: You gotta protect what you’re building.

8:58 Check out the free webinar at

9:26 It could be coming from the outside, but you gotta pay a whole lot of attention to what is on the inside.

12:04 Point III: What you are building, every step that you take, every day that you show up – you gotta put care into it.

13:38 With every single step, you are building your nest – Is that gonna make the nest stronger or is it gonna make it weaker?

14:09 Are you building that nest strong enough to deal with whatever is coming forward?

14:36 Recap

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