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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#796: Reasons to Believe In Yourself
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#796: Reasons to Believe In Yourself

It’s hard to drum up confidence when things aren’t quite working for you. Especially when something you thought or hoped would work just recently didn’t produce results for you. Our brains being wired how they are, it’s much easier to think negatively, especially when we have hard proof right in our faces.

Sow why believe in yourself at all? Today’s show will tell you exactly whey. Keep this one close to you for when you need it.

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2:14 Today’s Topic: Reasons to Believe In Yourself

2:56 Point I: The last restaurant you ate at, the last building you walked in, the phone that you used. You were not part of the process of creating any of these, but you trust that it was done right, so why would you not trust yourself.

3:51 Know that you have the power of belief.

5:04 You exercise belief all day long.

5:36 Pont II: Look at your resume, look at the proof that you are good as mentioned in Episode #721 with Latoya Baldwin Clark.

6:44 If you don’t have a resume to look at, you can take actions and acquire achievements, results, and outcomes.

7:06 If your resume does not inspire yourself, you need to beef up that resume. Take some actions right now.

9:24 Point III: If you don’t do it, nobody will.

10:15 People who believe in you more than you do, won’t last.

11:11 You gotta take the steering wheel.

12:06 Recap

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