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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#793: The Problem Is NOT The Solution [WOYG Podcast]
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#793: The Problem Is NOT The Solution [WOYG Podcast]

When we make mistakes or have issues, the natural human instinct is to reverse the error. Lose money — make it back. Get injured — do do that thing that way again. Say something that upsets someone — don’t say that anymore.

But while this is the popular method of solving issues, it’s 1) not always effective, and 2) there is a better way that requires a change in perspective.

Today i will provide that perspective.

Today’s show is brought to you by Ask Yourself A Better Question. Learn more at

2:18 Today’s Topic: The Problem Is NOT The Solution

3:29 Go to to get the Daily Game

4:21 What caused the problem is not necessarily what fixes the issue

4:28 “An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind” -Martin Luther King

5:43 Point I: What could you do to pre-empt this issue from ever happening again?

6:20 Episode #204: Going “Over The Top” Of Problems

7:02 Is there something you can do that will repurpose the situation, so you don’t have to deal with it anymore?

7:57 Point II: People who are in the same situation but are not having the same problem, what are they doing differently? And how can I apply that to make it work for me?

10:30 Point III: You gotta ask yourself a better question

10:38 Learn more at

15:57 Recap

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