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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#789: YOU Are Your Biggest Problem
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#789: YOU Are Your Biggest Problem

Nobody’s life is perfect. Everybody needs something, wants something, and is striving for something. And, almost all of us — I am guilty of it — are looking around for it, seeking to fill that gap.

Seeking is great thing — damn sure beats doing nothing — but we spend too much time looking in the wrong place. The biggest opportunity for change, the area which most needs change, is right where you stand: With yourself.

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2:18 Today’s Episode: YOU Are Your Biggest Problem

3:25 Point I: What limitations exist in your mind that no one has ever voiced to you, but you believed them as a limitation

4:44 That is the number one reason why you are your own problem

5:04 The Mental Workbook can help with this. Go to

5:09 Point II: What do you want or need to do in your life that you have continually procrastinated on or put off for later?

8:15 Point III: Where are you giving less than your best in your life?

8:59 Only you know what your best possible effort is

10:01 Point IV: You already know the problems, now fix these

11:21 Identify where you have self-limiting beliefs

12:48 Write an end procrastination now list

14:20 Write the 5 most important areas in your life and what does it look like when I have given my best in this area

14:57 Look at the last days and see how many days like this have you had

15:31 Recap

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