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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#787: Handle It And Keep Moving
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#787: Handle It And Keep Moving

The availability to broadcast our lives has allowed us to make news out of the most innocuous of situations. In some cases it escalates to calling for firings and attempts at destroying people’s lives over some real or perceived slight — often one that doesn’t even involve the people doing the complaining.

Maybe it’s called for sometimes, some say. Maybe you’re right. Thing is, we’re limited in our time. Is that really the best use of it for you?

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2:17 Today’s Topic: Handle It And Keep Moving

2:26 The Starbucks incident where 2 black men were arrested in Philadelphia

7:04 Dre’s Cracker Barrel experience when he was on the road

9:49 When you buy cheap shit, you get cheap shit in exchange

10:14 Anna’s TED Talk on Hospitality – when you go anywhere and you don’t get the service that you want, you should speak up and say something

11:43 This episode is the juxtaposition of the Starbucks situation

12:27 Point I: Energy and time, your two most valuable resources, cannot be wasted on trivial matters

13:35 Does me putting energy and time to this action get me closer to where I want to get in life?

14:49 If you’re going to put your time and energy into something, is it worth it? Is it going to take you where you want to be?

15:17 Point II: “Something” can always occur, something we can put our time, energy and focus on – don’t get distracted

16:13 We have to be able to keep the small stuff small, and the big stuff big

18:52 Point III: The most powerful substance on earth is water because water takes the form of whatever it is in and in constantly flows

20:46 “Be water my friend” -Bruce Lee

21:27 Recap

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