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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#786: Encouragement Is Earned
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#786: Encouragement Is Earned

I knew a person who wasn’t doing his job — often enough nor well enough. He had a bigger problem though: He felt he was being criticised for his lack of performance too often. Instead of criticizing his work, the guy suggested, how about you encourage me more? I’ll do better work that way.

Fuck That!!!

You earn positive feedback. It’s not a privilege. Today i’ll explain exactly why.

Today’s show is brought to you by The Mirror of Motivation. Learn more at

2:12 Today’s Episode: Encouragement Is Earned

4:13 Point I: If you are not motivated to do your job, QUIT

4:39 If this isn’t for you get out of the game because you are getting in the way of people who it is for

7:11 If you need to be motivated, you are in the wrong line of work

7:53 Point II: At the Pro Level, no one will pick you up when you are dragging

9:20 Are you ready to go or are you not?

10:12 If you are not ready or motivated to do your job, someone will gladly take your spot

10:28 Motivation is not on the menu in the professional level

13:18 Point III: Encouragement – you earn that

13:38 Encouragement means giving someone support, confidence, or hope

14:04 At the pro level, support, confidence, or hope are expected from you not given to you

17:03 If you are replaceable, don’t expect anybody to motivate you

17:27 If you want to be a pro at what you do, expect to be the one offering encouragement, not receiving it

17:45 Recap

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