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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#784: Tension-Relieving Vs. Goal-Achieving
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#784: Tension-Relieving Vs. Goal-Achieving

When it’s time for work, what do you find yourself gravitating towards?

Stuff that’s fun, easy, makes you feel good, and takes your mind off your challenges?

How about stuff that gets you closer to where you want to be, but may not necessarily be very easy or to do or fun to work on?

The truth is we all do both; the differentiator is how much and for how long we do them. Today we examine.

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2:17 Today’s Topic: Tension-Relieving Vs. Goal-Achieving

2:40 Gary Becker says that the bottom 80% of income earners in America on average increase their income 3% a year, which is equal to the rate of inflation

3:26 The top 20% however increase their income by 11 % per year, which allows them to double their income every 6-7 years

3:52 Pareto’s principle – the 80/20 rule

4:10 Point I: The bottom 80% of people rarely expand themselves in any way, shape, or form

5:16 What the bottom 80% spend their time doing outside any required activities are tension relieving activities

7:40 Everybody has 8 hours of discretionary hours a day apart from sleep and work – what investments do you make on those times?

8:27 Point II: The top 20% of producers are always expanding, improving, learning, and adapting

10:46 Change brings tension

11:07 Expanding, improving, learning, and adapting are not easy, but they are goal achieving activities

14:09 Point III: Albert Einstein gave the exact same test to the same students two years in a row because answers change – the things we believe to be true 2 weeks ago may not be true today

16:28 If you are not expanding your mind, times are going to pass you by, even if what you’re doing is perfect before

18:29 Recap

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