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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#783: How to Examine And Develop Quality Habits
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#783: How to Examine And Develop Quality Habits

We’ve discussed habits here before. And we will discuss them again after today, as our habits basically make us who we are — you have a great habit of listening to the Work On Your Game Podcast every day, for example.

Succeeding in life doesn’t require some great thing happening to or for you one day; it can be a simple matter of building and maintaining better habits that are taking you where you want to go. Today we’ll talk about how to do so.

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2:17 Today’s Episode: How to Examine And Develop Quality Habits

2:26 Listen to Episode #622 Creating The Thankfulness Habit and Episode #146 Habits & Employees at

2:57 Habit is a routine behaviour that is repeated regularly and occurs subconsciously

3:51 A Quote from Brian Tracy’s book – Get Smart “Good behaviour is hard to develop but easy to live with”

6:05 Point I: The pain points of your life are the bastard children of your habits. Tweet this at @dreallday

7:37 Point II: When you meet the person who has what you want or are turning in the direction that you want to go in your life, ask the person questions

8:37 Success leaves clues

9:37 If that outcome is there, there are habits that lead to that, all you gotta do is ask questions

10:14 People will gladly tell you about how they did something successfully

12:18 Point III: Get around people who has good habits

14:01 When you are around people with good habits, you ask them questions and you listen, let their energy rub off on you

14:43 Point IV: It will be hard to develop better habits

15:36 Don’t beat yourself up if you start to build on a habit and you can’t quite get there before you get tired or slip a little bit

17:17 Recap

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