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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#782: Greatness Is A Decision
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#782: Greatness Is A Decision

Most people think being great is about outside recognition. If you get signed to this company or this league, you’re great. Other think it has to do with money or material possessions. A nice house or a certain earnings threshold makes you great, since you can compare yourself to that of others.

All these people are wrong. Becoming great is a choice, one which any of us can make at any time, from any place we’re at. Today you’ll learn why that is, and how to do it, if you so choose.

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2: 19 Today’s Topic: Greatness Is A Decision

2:50 Jay Z’s Volume 2 album inspired today’s topic.

4:57 More on this at the Virtual Mentors episode on the Podcast at

5:11 Bill Simmons talk about The LEAP – The LEAP is when a person is being recognized as good and takes the LEAP from being good to being a superstar.

6:03 Point I: Being great, taking your game to another level is absolutely not a requirement.

8:23 Point: II At the professional level of what you do, everyone else has the skill, education, and whatever it is that makes you special.

9:12 What’s gonna separate you from everybody else is the decision that you make to go to the higher level.

10:19 if everybody has game and the only differentiation is the decision to tale the LEAP, what is gonna keep you from being equal to everybody else.

10:55 Most people will not make that decision because it does not occur to them that there is another level, they get to complacency plateaus where everything seems great.

12:12 When people realize what actions will be required to backup that decision, they change their mind quickly.

15:07 There is something involved with a decision. It is the effort, the commitment, the sacrifice, the investment that scares people off.

20:15 Point III: When you take that leap, it is not something that happens to you, it is a DECISION that you make.

21:11 Nobody becomes great by default.

21:39 Recap

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