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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#778: How To Treat Your Life Like A Business
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#778: How To Treat Your Life Like A Business

All of life’s a business itself. We pay for wifi and data plans to access this podcast. Our homes and beds and electricity and food all costs money. And at least part of the reason we work is the money we make for doing it.

So since life is always a business, how could there be anything else to do? Are there certain ways we need to approach life to really treat life like a business, besides the money we spend and the money we make? Yes. Today you’ll learn what those are.

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2:24 Today’s Topic: How To Treat Your Life Like A Business

3:19 Everything we do is a business even if you are not in a business

5:40 The results don’t lie

6:42 Point I: You must measure your progress overtime

7:13 You should be able to look of yourself where you are, where you have been, where you will be going

9:04 Point II: You must fire all unproductive employees – your employees are your habits

10:13 What results do you have that you don’t want and what habits are leading to this – you need to fire these habits immediately

12:25 Point III: All vacation time must be earned

14:16 What do you need to achieve as a person in order for you to say “I can now celebrate”

15:01 Point IV: You must evolve with changing tastes and changing market demands

15:49 The evolution of McDonald’s after the Supersize Me documentary

22:01 The market itself may not change, but you may change markets

22:30 The taste of another market may be different from another market

23:10 Point V: Constantly improve your product

23:55 Constantly improving yourself is personal development

24:29 Your product is yourself

25:36 Everything is a by-product of the product

26:18 Recap

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