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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#775: How To Stay Focused On Your “Main Thing”
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#775: How To Stay Focused On Your “Main Thing”

Some people have a simple main thing. Playing piano, running and pretzel stand, fixing broken iPhone screens. If you’re like me, your main thing is more broad and encompasses many activities.

Either way, how can you make sure to maintain your focus on that main thing that provides for everything else? Dre is here to show you today.

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2:19 Today’s Topic: How To Stay Focused On Your “Main Thing”

3:11 In 2009-2010, personal branding, where any person can be the business, started coming out

3:41 At the same time, social media started to boom which allowed people to put thoughts and ideas to build a business

4:58 Athletes started building their businesses and expanding while still playing sports

9:18 While others are expanding on their personal brand, Kobe’s only aim is to win as many championships as possible

9:38 Point I: You do want to take advantage of opportunities, but you must always remember what your main thing is – your bread and butter

13:04 Point II: The opportunity when everybody is going to the right is going to the left

13:45 Listen to the episode with Dee in hotseat about jumping into the bloody ocean

16:45 Point III: Your work is your brand, what you do is who you are

19:32 Recap

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