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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#774: How To Get What You Want More Often
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#774: How To Get What You Want More Often

Look at your life and ask yourself: In how many areas do you have what you want (or close to it/in your way)?

In the areas where you don’t have what you want, are you clear on what you want? What’s the plan to get there? How many times in the past five years have you passed on an opportunity to move closer to it, for whatever reason?

Today is about getting what you want more often, in the short term and long term.

Today’s show is brought to you by The Mental Workbook. Learn more at

2:15 Today’s Topic: How To Get What You Want More Often

3:07 Episodes on regret #494, #72, and #201

3:50 Point I: You must be willing to say NO

4:22 The world that we live in is a world of abundance

4:50 Read the post Congratulations, You Played Yourself from

6:07 When you exercise your willingness to walk away from things, things start to bend themselves in your favour

7:06 If you need more help at getting your subconscious thoughts aligned with what you actually want get The Mental Workbook at

8:57 Point II: Have multiple approaches in getting things that you want

10:00 Multiple approaches means to continue to ask over and over

11:40 Point III: You must be honest and upfront about your desires

12:25 Being honest and upfront saves time

12:55 Being honest and upfront earns you respect

15:51 Being honest and upfront makes you build confidence in yourself

16:26 Being honest and upfront, unconsciously, you are setting an anchor with everybody else

17:05 Recap

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