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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#773: How [and Why] To Be Uncompromising
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#773: How [and Why] To Be Uncompromising

I was on the phone yesterday with a company who’d dishonestly charged me. I had to go through three levels of employees to finally get to the person who had the power to reverse the charge (or so they said) — and even that guy tried stonewalling me.

How many people would have gotten that far? And forget the customer service calls — what about the rest of your life?

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2:15 Today’s Topic: How [and Why] To Be Uncompromising

2:25 Compromise means to meet people in the middle

2:40 Uncompromising means not meeting in the middle

3:19 Luke Longley describes Michael Jordan’s non-negotiability

5:38 Too many of us are too quick to give in and compromise on thing that we truly want

6:25 Point I: We all have wants in our lives

8:03 Think about this – what percentage of your life do have exactly as you want in life and what percentage did you compromise?

8:59 Point II: You must decide on persistence

9:23 Persistence is the willingness to stay on what you want until you get it

11:18 Point III: With your food at a restaurant or clothing store, you get exactly what you want

13:08 Recap

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