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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#771: How To Handle Conflict
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#771: How To Handle Conflict

Conflict is inevitable, especially when you’re in a competitive field with highly competitive people — business and sports both fit the bill. What’s your strategy for handling it? Avoidance? Aggression? Try to be super-nice so as to never have any conflict? Today I’ll tell you how to handle all conflict, no matter past stratagems.

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2:17 Today’s Topic: How To Handle Conflict

2:59 If there are two people in a room together, conflict is gonna come up simply because people are different

3:40 Point I: Accept that conflict is a part of life

5:37 Point II: Don’t take it personally

6:13 Other people simply have an opinion that you don’t have

6:55 It’s okay if conflict comes up, like in video games, you just have to navigate the obstacles

7:55 It is not always about winning the conflict

9:39 Point III: Approach situations directly

10:17 You can help diffuse or bring a conflict to a head much quicker if you approach it directly

10:35 Approaching conflict directly builds your mental and emotional fortitude

11:22 Leaders address things exactly as they see them

11:49 Point IV: Conflict usually happens when 2 sides want the exact same thing, they just want it different ways

13:30 You and whoever you are in conflict with can find common ground because you are both after the same thing, which can probably help you

14:54 Recap

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